Embracing Social Assets

“Social continuity is fundamental for business and societies to shine economically and to be sustainable.”
(World Bank)


Broadmarc works to enhance the value of your organization’s Social Capital. The knowledge, support, trust, reciprocity, cooperation, psychological bonds, adaptive resilience and innovation that is generated and held within the eco-system of your organization.

This cultural capital and its social dynamic is perhaps the most important source of the economic potential of your organization and is commonly seen as the most intangible.

Through understanding and approaching your organizational eco-system beyond ‘the people engagement lens’ we are able to bring the form to actively build and access the collective knowledge, creative capacity and innovation, sharing, resilience, and organizational well-being to improve customer experience, business effectiveness and growth.

Our engagements focus on human sensibilities and adaptation, and the aesthetics of your organization to evolve aspects of organizational and its behavior.

Our Social Capital solutions help organizations to:

  • Leverage and strengthen cognitive diversity and workplace cohesion
  • Build psychological bonds and adaptive resilience
  • Innovate knowledge sharing through collective interaction and individual contribution
  • Enhance organizational agility and the capacity to act and generate outcomes

The outcomes amplify the inherent creative and positive capacity created each day in the interactions, interpretation and actions of PEOPLE together.

Building Your Social Capital

Our Social Capital advisory solutions include:

  • Social Capital audit and review
    • Analysis of the impact of structures and processes on social and cultural assets
    • Diversity diagnostics and social dynamics analysis
    • Leadership review
  • Social and Cultural Capital improvement strategy
    • Phased plan to build Social Capital and specific assets
    • Social capital competency
  • Custom-designed programs and social frameworks to enhance;
    • Resilience
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity and thinking diversity
    • Organizational agility
  • Leadership and executive briefings on building social capital and organizational ecosystem health to address business challenges


Our engagements help your organization utilize their thinking diversity and human sensibilities to bring their collective best to the workplace in a way that inspires individual and collective action and social impact together.

Our solutions integrate psychology, neuroscience and deep learning to allow us to work with the emotional and rational aspects of team and leadership practice and impact. Implicit in our approach is a holistic view that builds organizational capacity in alignment with social expectations and the organizations sustainability.