Change is Non-linear

As the half-life of business strategies grows shorter in an increasingly VUCA landscape, an organization’s capacity to change and transform becomes may be its only enduring advantage.

Yet, the research shows consistently that over 75% of all organizational change efforts are ineffective and under deliver on the benefits intended

We believe that the problems lie in the linear and process driven way that many organizations approach change.

Broadmarc provides a holistic and strategic approach to organizational change and enterprise wide transformation. Our approach understands and allows us to work with the complexities of organizational change holistically and our methods work on multiple elements incorporating;

  • Strategic alignment and value
  • Cultural adaptation and specific people change support
  • Organizational aesthetics
  • Leadership
  • Change capacity and capability and change legacy
  • Change governance
  • Organization maturity and evolution.

Holistic & Strategic Approach

Our approach ensures the key elements of successful transformation are aligned and considered together;

  • Leadership alignment with the strategic logic and direction of the business and the role of transformation
  • Understanding throughout the organization of the fragility of the business and operating model and the catalysts for a change
  • Appropriate capability of leadership to enact change effectively and
  • The capacity of the organization to adapt and evolve.

Often transformation efforts fail because these factors are not understood holistically resulting in change being derailed with;

  • Change initiatives that are too narrowly focussed on a single driver of change, ignoring the wider strategic agenda
  • Large change programs morphing to gain a life of its own and a purpose unto itself
  • The capacity you have to change does not meet the demand
  • Change is managed as a discrete process with a start, middle, and end. At the end there’s a sigh of relief and goes back to “business as usual.” The problem is, “business as usual” simply doesn’t exist anymore

Our approach mitigates against these derailers to successful change.

[Y]our Human Capital Potential Engaged

Key to supporting effective, sustained and impactful change within an organization is through empowered behavioral change and alignment of people at all levels to embrace the learning potential, capacity for action and human sensibility. To fully appreciate the human and social capital of change success, Broadmarc’s systemic and adaptive methods provides advisory and operational services from research and assessment, change strategy to planning and implementation.

  • We provide a strategic design for the organizational change and implementation structures to support specific strategic direction and goals
  • The change plan approach is typically integrated into the business planning process and spans structural, cultural, capability and communication dimensions of change.  Plans are designed to be situation specific to support future ways of working and cultural adaptation.

We have partnered with Change First (UK) holding accreditation in PCI (People-Centred Implementation PCI®) and use of e-change®. This provides us with a solid basis of research and an extensive online platform of change assessments, diagnostics and tools that enables us to apply our systemic change management methodology