Leadership Effectiveness Advisory

Fact: One of the single largest shortfalls of leadership is by treating adaptive challenges as technical issues.
(Cambridge Leadership Associates).

We believe the SOFTER aspects of leadership are key to accomplishing the HARD outcomes that organizations are looking to achieve in the ever increasing complex and high speed world.

The growing challenge of leadership is to address the core job of shaping, harnessing and evolving the social capital of organizations to enhance innovation, increase agility, create sustainability and to better collaborate and meet customer needs.

Our leadership solutions support leaders to better deal with the non-linear and emotional components that contribute to making better judgements more often. The types of judgements that leaders make in today’s VUCA environment involve contextual nuances, ambiguity and shifting dynamics that are often subject to reactivity in organisations.

Our leadership solutions build the capacity of leaders in “playing a game of win-wins” versus “just playing not to lose” which undermines thinking diversity, collaboration, entrepreneurship and creativity. This protecting and controlling orientation typically diminishes leadership effectiveness and becomes a liability to the organizational in the long run.

Our focus on the soft capabilities, human sensibilities and aesthetics of leadership build the ‘creative capacity’ and perspective of individual leaders and collective leadership teams to operate with increasing effectiveness in a fast moving world.

Leadership Solutions

We address the needs organizations face in ‘growing’ younger leaders and supporting established leaders to finesse the ‘finishing’ capabilities that take them to another level of leadership effectiveness. We work with individual leaders one on one and with new and longstanding leadership teams to build collective impact and team-ship.

Our leadership solutions include;

  • Leadership effectiveness review and assessment providing
    • Individual plans to address blocks to current leadership effectiveness
    • Leadership team effectiveness audit and improvement
    • Specific Leadership diagnostics and assessments in personality, thinking diversity and leadership impact
  • Leadership Finishing programs that focus on a tailored set of soft capabilities and the human sensibilities of leadership including;
    • Leadership ontology and ways of being
    • Non-linear aspects of leadership impact and holism
    • Leadership ‘practice’, human adaptation and sensibility of leadership
    • Resilience for leaders
    • Mindset and holism in strategy
    • From defensive to creative leader orientations
    • Individual Agility
    • Emotional practice
  • Leadership Team effectiveness, Team-ship, and Alignment
    • Alignment through leadership vision and charter and behaviours
    • Team-ship accountability to the ‘common’ and inter-team counsel
    • Leadership aesthetics and advice on building cultural capital and creative capacity of organizations
    • Leadership of change, style and advice on building social capital towards agility, durability and resilience capacity of the organizations
  • Executive and leadership coaching and mentoring on the aesthetic factors
    • Individual design improvement based plans
    • Leadership team facilitation collective effectiveness and ways of working as leaders

Ways of Working with Leaders

Our ways of working in our leadership advisory practice are oriented towards active conversations, and collaborative engagements focusing on building LEADERSHIP PRACTICE. We do not focus any starting point on a curriculum of content.

Our leadership advisory engagements are always tailored and mainly bespoke from the design phase. Practical elements of engagement revolve on addressing a specific leadership short fall or toward expanding leadership in the organization to the next level to grow the organizations capacity, and social and cultural capital to increase growth, innovation and adaptive resilience and effectiveness of the business.

Our engagements include

  • Interactive workshops, meetings and leadership retreats
  • Keynote sessions
  • Executive individual and group coaching – F2F and VC
  • Mentorship – Individual and team application coaching and facilitation
  • Leadership focused conversations

Executive Coaching , Mentoring and Diagnostics

We take an ontological and systemic approach to our executive coaching and mentoring programs that are holistic and draw from principles of psychology. Our structured approach allows for emergent exploration of ways of leading that block creative strengths and use of experiential evidence-based techniques, styles and actions and builds leadership assets to augment collective leadership effort and effectiveness of organisations.

Our EXECUTIVE COACHING and MENTORING services and work with your leaders help to:

  • Fine-tune and finesse leadership practice
  • Gain valuable insights on aesthetic dimensions and the way leaders are seen
  • Identify biases and factors that may be limiting creative strengths and application of key competencies that build practice
  • Evidenced and sustained action to evolve leadership aesthetics, practice and impact

Our executive coaching credentials:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) PCC level
  • Newfields Network USA Ontological coaching


Leadership Diagnostics

We draw from a range of key preference, personality and behavioural diagnostics that are applied to assess leadership effectiveness shortfalls and to identify opportunities that align to your business needs, vision and strategy. The structured approach that we adopt provides for situational context the diagnostic assessment tools we apply are supported by individual interviews, performance information and other 360 methods to gain an integrated and balanced outcome. All our diagnostic results are individually fedback in debrief sessions which include guidance for actions or included into one of our phased consultations or design plans for an individual or leadership team engagement.

Our diagnostic and behavioural credentials:

  • MBTi, DISC and TMS tools
  • The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
  • Psychology principles, Neuroscience and Sociology theory diagnostic interviews

We believe leadership to be a critical lever for scaling creativity and change in organisations. This helps to build diverse perspectives and enhances purpose-fit organizations in an increasingly complex world in ways that energise and sustain ways of working and contemporary organizational life.

Copilot Leadership Experience

Leaders CoPilot Experience

Think of the CoPilot experience as a runway for your future leadership to refine and rethink what leadership is and how to express their own leadership practice.

WHY: CoPilot exists to empower leaders to become the type of leader they want to meet.

VISION: To provide a launch pad experience for leaders to explore their leadership holistically and make meaningful difference to organizations sustainability, performance and wellbeing.

GOAL: To contribute to the evolution of leadership practice and a generation of exceptional leaders.

Irrespective of whether your people are emerging talent, first-time leaders or experienced leaders finessing their style and ways to increase positive impact, participants in our CoPilot experience put focus to “leading to learn and learning to lead”.  To personally reflect and evolve their leadership PRACTICE to be better thinkers and doers making better decisions more often.

The CoPilot difference is its offering of a structured yet experiential approach that combines, individual and collective learning, with real-world application, challenge and practice.

Participants and their organizational sponsors have an opportunity to build leadership as strategy, dig deep to uncover what’s holding them back and to evolve internal soft qualities of leadership, aesthetics and human sensibility and style to enhance their effectiveness and impact as leaders.


CoPilot Leadership Experience Values & Beliefs

The CoPilot experience is conducted from a set of holistic values and beliefs consistent with the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world most leaders practice in today.

  • Leadership is a practice not a title
  • Leadership hinges on bringing a world view to organizational contexts
  • Leadership is whole person focused; the sensibilities of what makes leaders tick
  • Leadership complexity increases with seniority and geographic scope
  • Leadership adds to the social fabric and aesthetics of an organization

These values are the pillars that guide our CoPilot proprietary approach to leadership strategy and practice.

Our differentiation lies in the field of systemic emergence and our holistic approach to provide this experience.

  1. We focus on the SOFT and INTERNAL aspects of leadership encompassing the emotional, aesthetic and human sensibilities of leadership. This is integrated with layers of cognitive thinking about holism, systemic and complexity.
  2. Our methods transcend the typical leadership development approach of ‘filling up’ the gaps of skills or knowledge. CoPilot is experiential and emergent. Our methods support human adaptation and self-directed and purposeful learning.
  3. This is supported through the structured coaching support, program evaluation rigor and our ontological methodology and psychological frameworks.

Applicants for this experience are assessed for their suitability.

We look forward to working with you to discuss the CoPilot experience and the needs of your organization.