Facilitation Scope

Broadmarc facilitated engagements are a core service capability of what we do. We bring over 20 years of experience in helping directors, executive and leadership teams to question, clarify, decide and focus organizational effort.

Our facilitated processes and design are applied to a full range of organizational contexts and including:

  • Board meetings and reviews
  • Executive and senior leader strategy and issue based meetings and workshops
  • External Stakeholder and Partner engagement and issue resolution
  • Cross-functional and Project Team planning and alignment
  • Company conferences and workshop key issue sessions
  • Innovation challenge and HiPo leadership initiatives
  • Scenario Planning and war-gaming


Systemic Design

All our facilitation engagements are individually designed to the specific requirements of the client through a specific scoping and process discussions.

We draw from our Broadmarc proprietary systemic facilitation methodologies and a diversified mix of techniques, tools, planning frameworks and participative techniques to craft a facilitation process that is fit-for-purpose.

We bring deep knowledge and experience to facilitation with an approach that has a strong focus on linking with the context, direction and intent of your business. Our facilitation has an orientation to produce practical outcomes with focused plans and initiatives that can be directly mapped and measured against the strategic direction of the business.

Our approach and design builds the ownership of interpretation and responsibility for action with key involved leads in your business giving impetus to accountability and execution of agreements. We provide ongoing implementation advisory and facilitation and review after major facilitation engagements.

Benefits of Broadmarc's Facilitation

Our facilitation engagements focus on providing six core benefits that drive your future success:

  • Building bridges between theory and practical action oriented outcomes
  • Building consistency in the translation of strategy to implementation
  • Engendering relationships that are focused, innovative, and contribute to positive learning and outcomes.
  • Developing productive ‘unions’ through the formation of participation and partnering frameworks
  • Propagating a holistic and systemic approach to explore and plan for success
  • Empowering client ownership and development of solutions.

Broadmarc consultants deliver a personal facilitation commitment of being challenging, results orientated, practical and honest.