Strategic Review & Transformation

Broadmarc was engaged to assist a healthcare client to review and create a strategic road-map to transform the effectiveness of their regulatory strategy division globally. The review found the existing servicing model had multiple levels of regional complexity impacting collaboration and performance. The model was proving difficult to adapt to the market dynamics and increasing differences in servicing needs, resourcing and investment parameters between countries. The rapidly evolving global regulatory environments required a heightened capability for cross country collaboration and alignment to grasp opportunities for new and existing products and manage risk across multiple jurisdictions.

Integrated 5 Phase Design

An integrated design considered aspects of internal performance and capability, with direct interview input from customers and stakeholders. This information was supported by sourced benchmark data and internal data analysis and reviews. The design constituted a holistic analysis of operations to establish a unifying road-map and 4 strategic work-steams to transform the organization’s effectiveness, alignment and value to business partners. The approach embraced the diversity of culture and market knowledge with a team of HQ and market leaders. The review team included members from USA, Canada, China, Korea, Australia, Brazil, France, UK, Italy, Austria and Columbia.

Transforming Engagement

Key to understanding and buy-in was the teams’ direct involvement in diagnostic customer interviews and data analysis. This approach enabled the strategy team to gain deep insight of root causes limiting success and allowed exploration of a transformative step change opportunity within the divisions ecosystem to increase strategic value.

A full change management road-map, tools, skills and our PCI change governance model was instituted to engage senior and regional leaders to align and embed work-stream changes across each region as part of management operation. Strategic work-streams engaged directly with regional and in-market stakeholders enabling the socialization of solutions and changes.

4 Significant Improvements

The two-year engagement achieved 4 significant ambitions to transform the business.

  1. A flexible and adaptable needs service model improving in-country resourcing options that aligned to the business priorities across 4 regions;
  2. Reframing of core roles and capability requirements aligned to the service model types, improved focus on key capability and talent management within and between some regions;
  3. The design of an innovative risk approach and tool was implemented to evaluate new product strategies. This improved the quality, transparency and consistency of guidance
  4. Increased transparency and consistency of the cross regional metric framework was initiated to inform global effectiveness and increased understanding of performance differences in the division.
Enhanced Outcomes

The engagement added to the change capability through the integrated design, in two ways. Firstly it engaged high potential talent and key country and regional leaders to work together on strategic work streams. Secondly, the change governance framework developed integrated Regional and Global line management to embed operational accountability for change implementation in a progressive evolution of improvements.

Services Used

We drew on the following Broadmarc Services and Capabilities to deliver this engagement


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