Transcending A Development Approach

Our client identified the capability of key leaders as a strategy imperative for their business. They were looking for ways to grow key talent and leadership impact; to further an appreciation of a global perspective and to create, lead and drive a divisional strategic road-map. In short, to increase the impact of key leaders to progress the strategic agenda and drive the divisions mid-term performance and effectiveness. The brief was to advance leaders performance in real-time and on real business issues; not to run “another” leadership development program.

We designed the ‘CO-PILOT ‘ solution to run virtually with participants from 6 countries over an intensive 6 month period. Each Leader working to grow their impact and to collaborate to solve for 3 strategic global challenges.

The Paradigm Shift

The Co-Pilot design fused each leaders individual impact and growth on multiple layers working dynamically on themselves as leaders, with colleagues on expanding  their mindset and to collaborate and create with other leaders that hold different views. Concurrently building a holistic appreciation of the larger business and social environment of their collective impact and actions.

A focus on supporting inter-dependence and empowering behavior lead to greater knowledge sharing, tapped latent innovation and deeper leadership conversation.

Co-pilot Principles

Co-Pilot was framed on a set of 4 principles that supported active research, leadership learning and self-reflection. These principles framed a new level of  leadership effectiveness;

  • Leadership as practice not a position (or content)
  • A Leaders mental constructs, and world view, dictates ‘style’, orientation and field of impact
  • Leadership involves the ‘whole person’ their human sensibility and self-knowing
  • Leadership complexity increases with seniority and geography.
Designed Coaching

The Co-Pilot engagement was run virtual with participants from 6 countries over a 6 months period. The engagement design was intensive and fully immersed leaders in their ability to impact the organization. The Co-Pilot process simultaneously challenged and supported individuals to uncover their personal leadership style and ‘practice’ of leadership impact.  Leaders were required to present and evidence their impact and growing effectiveness and to articulate their contribution to their role and professional growth.

Progressive assessment of each strategic project and individual leaders elevated active reflection and personal change to broaden their perspective and have greater impact.


Two out of three initiatives were endorsed to progress by global leaders.

1) To improve the way  key learning is captured and shared between countries.

2)  To demonstrate how to use the value of core product content in global programs.

Participants post program evaluation and key client assessment of the engagement showed that;

  • 76% agreed the engagement produced quality usable outcomes for the organisation.
  • 85% reported an increase in knowledge, confidence in their leadership approach and practice
  • All participants reported the engagement was a valuable contribution to their professional leadership
  • All participants reported that the engagement increased strategic perspective and enabled development of their leadership network
They said ....

“I truly appreciated the opportunity to participate in the programme. It provided the “permission” and the encouragement to spend time on broadening my learning. It forced me to consciously consider aspects of my style and identify areas I wish to focus on in the future.”

“Facilitator 1:1 sessions were always available, and this was an incredibly valuable aspect to my learning. This approach works really well.”


Services Used

We drew on the following Broadmarc Services and Capabilities to deliver this engagement


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Organizational Change and Transformation

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Organizational Strategy and Effectiveness

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